Donors & Rewards

We want to thank IFundwomen for being an amazing organization. They have blessed so many women in business, that are truly inspirational to many.

Creating my campaign for my crowdfunding as well as going through their entire website and reading over the women they've helped and the educational things they offer is amazing. Seriously one of the most helpful websites I have ever learned from.
My name is Erykah. I'm the founder of TwentyFiveForty.
I started this company well before I realized it was something that could be a business. For years I would randomly create t-shirts with quotes and sayings on them. A few people here and there would ask where I got it from and if could I get them one. I didn't start out selling them. I just gave them away. Which is exactly how we would like to operate in business. Our mission is to create bundles of items for those in need. Full outfits including shoes, hats & jackets. Our focus is on those starting over at any stage in life. We are about giving back to those in need. No matter the circumstance or situation you've overcome. From domestic violence survivors, Homeless people, Formerly incarcerated people, to children needing clothes for school and people needing clothes for interviews...
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Each time you purchase anything on our site, you are helping someone in need.