About Us

Hey there fam! 

My store isn't just about myself or my team. 

My store is about and for everyone that thought at one point they weren't going to make it. Who thought they weren't good enough, smart enough nor strong enough. Those who thought they couldn't make it. Yes, you can and yes you will!!

We are now carrying ECO friendly clothing made from recycled material.

Yay! We love Mother Earth.


As our store grows, We will work towards adding new products that speak directly to you as a customer and a community. Things that make you proud of who you are no matter what you've been through (feel free to send suggestions). As we grow I will also work towards customizable and personalized streetwear that make an impactful statement with style. We are also donating to organizations that speak to us as a fitness family. 



         My job transferred me from my hometown in Utah to Chicago, IL. Wow! What a transition. Long story short, before I knew it I was out of work in a new place with no friends and family, I failed out of school due to stress and lack of equipment and then decided something has got to change. No better time than now, Right?

      TwentyFiveForty is a black owned. I started this company well before I realized it was something that could be a business. For years I would randomly create t-shirts with quotes and sayings on them. A few people here and there would ask where I got it from and if could I get them one. I didn't start out selling them. I just gave them away. Which is exactly how we would like to operate in business. Our mission is to create bundles of items for those in need. Full outfits including shoes, hats & jackets. Our focus is on those starting over at any stage in life. We are about giving back to those in need. No matter the circumstance or situation you've overcome. From domestic violence survivors, Homeless people, Formerly incarcerated people, to children needing clothes for school and people needing clothes for interviews. 

With TwentyFiveForty, Life starts at any age and any stage.